Is buying an EV car right for you?

By now you’ve probably had the thought, ‘should I purchase an electric vehicle?’. How could you not with the explosion of increased demand and types in the recent years. According to Cox automotive, electric cars have grown to account for more than 5% of the total automobile market in the United States. That is a dramatic increase from 2021 and this should only continue to increase.

With such growth, how can you know when it’s the right time to make the switch from gas to electric? We’ll walk you through a few key factors to help you decide.

#1. What Type of Driving Do You Do?

The first thing that you should always consider before purchasing an electric vehicle is, ‘how much do I drive on average daily?’. The typical American will drive roughly 35 miles a day or up to 50 if they live in a rural area and have to commute long distances. Even at that rate, most EV cars on the market have a range between 200 to 300 miles per charge. Even for those who travel much further than the average American, with growing charging stations popping up all over the country, this shouldn’t be an issue. To locate charging stations near you, you can use this interactive map that covers the entire continental US.

#2. Where Do You Plan to Charge your EV?

There really are only two options; at home or on the go. Most EV owners charge their vehicles at home, its the easiest and most convenient way to refill your battery. You can charge your electric vehicle with a regular outlet, adding about 4 miles per hour of charge or through a specially installed